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Albertsons Login: Albertsons is a Supermarket where An Employees can easily sign-in into it to access all the Details and their profiles. It is an American grocery company founded and headquartered in Boise, Idaho. This is also one of the Best Grocery company which runs By the Safeway. Which means the Website of the Albertsons is


You will be Get all these Benefits like employee information, benefits, schedules, and company news. So this Albertson’s employee login Guide is very Easy to Get into the to Acces all the above information.




If you are new Then follow the Complete Guide Including the Signup Process but you are being an Employees of Albertsons and don’t know much about Login Then this is the Guide is for you to Learn within the few steps below. Or Else if you are Struggling with the Login then We will solve your issues. Simply follow the Guide.’








Albertsons Employee Login by

When you want to manage your employee account or view employee information then you have to have to get into the Albertsons employee account. Albertsons Login is very simple yo just have to have the Login Credeantils such as user name and password.


You just don’t need to worry about it. Also, I have written a step by step guide which you wil be easily Find the Solution without getting into any issues.


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  • First, you have to Open your Browser (Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, etc)
  • You will be welcomed with the Login page of the Albertsons employee.
  • Click on the “Login with one time PIN” But in case if you have not registered yet then you can simply skip this step and Login Simply as you do normally.
  • Now enter the Albertsons username into the “user login” field. The User Name is your employee number, or it can be your company user ID by the way.
  • Enter your Password in the password Field or one time PIN.
  • Finally, Click on the Login Button that looks in Blue.


Albertsons Employee Mobile Login:

If you want to Login into the Albertsons Account to access the Employee information on your Smartphone. Then yes you can easily log in using your Mobile Phones by following the Guide Below.



Albertsons Employee Mobile Login


  • Open your Mobile browser( Chrome, Safari, etc) App from the Mobile Apps List.
  • Type the Address in the Address bar of the Browser.
  • Now Click on the “Login with one time PIN” or if you have not Created account yet then Skip this step.
  • Enter the employee number or your user identification name in the first box if the Login page.
  • In the Password Field Enter your password or your one time PIN.
  • Finally, Click on the Blue login Button.


Now coming to the App there is no specific App for Albertsons employee. You have to Use the browser then only you will be able to access the Albertsons employee login to access the So till now, there is no App for the Direct2HR. If they will release then we will mention here in this Guide. So keep visiting this website or you can Bookmark.


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Albertsons Employee Login Help:

If you are not able to login into the Albertsons Employee then there might be a problem with the password, So if you have forgotten the password you don’t need to worry you can simply reset it by clicking on the “Forgot Password” link which you will see on the Login Page itself.



Albertsons Login help




You can also Get the Temporary password by Clicking on the “request one time PIN”. So you have to Remeber one thing that You should make sure that for these both Process you need to use your User Name otherwise you cannot recover your password.


But Wait, you have another chance to get the User Name by speaking with speak to your manager or HR representative. They will help you to get your User Name. Just you need to provide some information of yours so they will explain to you about your user name and all other Albertson’s employee login details.



As I Said above Albertson’s employee login is managed through Safeway’s employee resource center, They will always ready to help you soon as Possible about this Website and its Login.


If you have any questions and queries Just do call the employee resource center’s service desk at 877-286-3200. You can also Get in touch with their Albertson’s customer service with heire Contact Forum or calling 877-276-9637, you can also ask General Queries on this particular Forum or Number.