cheap secure cloud storage

Cheap Secure Cloud Storage

Cheap Secure Cloud Storage: There are the Cloud storage options for business which is available for free and Cheapest Cost when you make a Serious Search and when you able to follow the Right Guide that always Keeps telling you the Right Methods. In the same Contest, TECMAZA is also one of the Websites which Gives the Information About al the Technology Stuff.

Now When it comes to the Cheap Secure Cloud Storage, There are The Best Free and Cheap Cloud storages are Available on the Internet and also You will able to Find easily When you have a Good information Platform. So Today I will be going to Tell you the Most Secure Cloud Hosting 2019 that available for Cheap and almost free till Some Space.

Most Of the People or Else Almost all the People wants to Save money on their cloud space for business or in Any other way to Purchases. Now its Completly Your Choice to Choose a Provider who is Offering the Best Storage, More Sapce, and Security Aswell.

Now I Will be going to List out The Best and Top Most Cloud storage who is Offering the Best Service with reliable Price once you have Crossed the Limited Storages that They offered For Free Of Cost.

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Cheap Secure Cloud Storage:

I will List out the cloud service providers offer online storage space in the below Now can easily do cloud service providers comparison and choose your favorite one that you like most. This is the list which is one of my favorite list that can be best in all the way for sure. Just Go through this list and Make you have to make your favorite too.

1. Dropbox:

  • It Offers the up to 2 GB of Free Storage and also You will have a Chance to Get the up to 16 GB free Storage by Simply Referring to your Friends through Linking your Dropbox Via Social Media to Join the Service.
  • Once you have Upgraded to the Dropbox Business subscriptions then you will have more Features Like Unlimited Storage for each Individual Persons also You will get to work with them with Getting the Support from the Support Team.
  • There is also The Best Feature that the file recovery and versioning which is one of the Best Advanced Feature from the DropBox.
  • The Subscription or Business Prices Starts from the $12.50 per user per month (£10, around AU$16.50) or Else you can Simply Give then For free till 30 Days of Trial Period.

 cheap secure cloud storage

Price: 2GB free. 1TB for $10 a month (£6.58, around AU$11) with Dropbox Plus

2. Google Drive:

  • The Best Part Of the Google Drive is that you will get this app on every Android Mobile for a Free and Integrated app. Which means this app Comes along with your android mobile but the other Platforms Owners also should see the Performance of the Googe Drive and They need to Like it if they Really like.
  • If you are using A Android Mobile and Wants to Save you High Definition Photos and Other important Files then simply You can Save it on your Mobile Google Drive app. Once you have Stored on it then you will be able to access it from Anywhere and from Any device for free.
  • Even Windows and Mac Users also Download a Desktop app and they Simply Drop and Drag the Files in it. But the Fact is the Web interface is not very Handy is like on the Mobile. ANd for the people who ask how big is google drive storage is unlimited when you purchase but 15 Gb will Come for free on Cloud-based storage services.

how big is google drive storage

Price: 15GB free. 100GB for $1.99 a month (£1.59, around AU$2.50). 1TB for $9.99 a month (£8, around AU$13).

3. Mega:

  • The Best Part of the Mega Cloud storage is that its Very Eay to Use Just you need to Drag and Drop the Files which is very Simple.
  • Mega is on the Top of The List when it comes to giving the Free Storage Which is 50 GB.
  • You can Also Download the Mobile app which is Very Easy to Drop the Photos and Files Directly from the Mobile Itself.
  • The Data and Files that your stores on the Mega s all Encrypted which is all very secure and safe.

cloud storage options for business

Price: 50GB free. 200GB for €4.99 a month (£4.50, $6, around AU$7.50)

4. OneDrive:

  • One Drive is Already Integrated into the Windows 10 File Explorer which mean you Don’t Need to Download any other Additional App.
  • Its already there to use it on your Own whish and also its one of the Best Choice for the People who wants to Jump int to Newest Operating system.
  • You can Also sync the Microsoft’s Photos app with One Drive to Sync the all Pictures from Your Mobile to One drive in an easy Method and very much Simple as well.
  • You will get an Apps for Bith Android and iOS platforms which you can Easily download and Use it from your Mobile Very Easily.

cloud based storage services

Price: 5GB free. 50GB for $1.99 a month (£1.99, around AU$2.50)

5. iCloud:

  • Whenever you want to Backup your Files from iPhone to iCloud the Simply you need to have more than 5 Gb of Storage that what iCloud actually offers. And it also is known as High-security cloud storage.
  • The Mac Finder app is also Integrates with iCloud which you can Save the files. If you have created any Documents and Files is also sync with iCloud and you can simply be saved it on Cloud Storage without any problem.
  • Once you have Stored Your File on iCloud then Simply You will able to Sync those Files Across your Various Devices.

most secure cloud hosting

  • Price: 5GB free. 50GB for $0.99 a month (£0.79, AU$1.49). 200GB for $3.99 (£2.49, AU$4.49)

6. Box:

  • Box is also one of the Best Cloud Storage Company which Offers free Storage Up to 10GB.
  • When you just Visit their page you will see the Business Plan once you go through the Business Plan where the price range around $15 per user.
  • There is also 10GB free usage there after you have signed Up Using your Emil and password but in addition, if you want more storage then You need to Pay the above price.
  • Box is also Supported for other Main apps Such as Google Docs, Office 365.
  • This is available for Mac and Windows and also you will get Official Android Client as well.

cloud space for business

Price: 10GB free. 100GB for around $5 a month (£3.50, around AU$6)


These are the Some of Top best cloud storage and also “cheap secure cloud storage” as well. I Hope now you have Got your List of the cloud storage providers. Still, if you have any Doubts regarding this Post Just Do let me know in the Comment section Below.