How to Fake GPS Location on Android By Fake Location app

Fake GPS is Nothing But Location Faker, Generally Your Mobile Will Track the Location Of yours That where you are. Sometimes If you want to Play the Trick with Your Location and wants to show to your friends that you are in some other place where you actually not, then You may Use this Fake Location app by Following the Below Guide.

If you want to use the fake Location using the Fake Location App then the apps will Work on Your Mobile by Using your Location And Shows you the Some other location even your Location is on Off Mode.

This will be more helpful when you want to make fool your Friends and have fun by Sending them the Fake Location. There are the days when some People used to do using this fake GPS location, Using this you can send the wrong location to your friends where actually there were not at the right place.

You Can Make others to you have checked in other Place Without Actually Going there and Also these Fake Location app is also very useful when having some fun with your Friends and Family members. You will have the Fun by Saying You are in the World Travelling By Sharing this Fake Location With them.

Note: If you want to Change the Location by Using these Fake GPS Location then Your Mobile Would be Rooted. Becuase this method is Only Worked on the Rooted Android Mobiles.

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Instructions for Use Fake Location on Your mobile:

  • Your Android Mobile Should be Rooted.
  • And Rooting Includes Risk and Know what you are Doing on your Mobile.
  • These Fake GPS location may Be Banned your Account.

 fake gps location

How to Fake GPS Location on Android:

Just Follow The Below Steps to Fake your Android Device which is an easy process if you Follow the Right Steps. While Following this Methods Just Read carefully and Do it which makes you more Knowledgable.

Step #1. First, You have to Root Your Android Device.

Step #2. Download the Fake GPS Location Using Lucky Patcher

Step #3. Once you have Downloaded then Find out the File in the File Explorer on Android Mobile.

Step #4. Now Install the File by simply Clicking on the File.

Step #5. Allow all the Permission what Lucky Patcher Asks.

Step #6. Open the App on your Mobile and you will see the GPS Location Spoofer is the Bottom which you have to find it out in the Lucky Patcher.

Step #7. Now click on the APK file to Install directly on the System app which you will be going to Use on your Mobile Itself.

Step #8. You are Done.

How to Use Fake GPS App on Android Mobile:

Once you have downloaded and installed an app Then its time to use it on your Phone. You can find the Guide which you will able to use and make an app most favourite by using it in a Right way. Follow the Below guide to and Enjoy the Fake location by making your Friend Fun.

#1. Go to The Developer Option which is Under Setting Menu on your Android Mobile

#2. Uncheck the Allow mock location.

#3. Now you have to Lunch the Fake GPS app on your mobile and Choose the Location US, Australia, and New Zealand.

#4. Go to the Setting On the Fake GPS App and enable Expert Mode and Move to the fake location.

#5. Now you have to Click on the Orange Button which is Located at the Bottom Of the Screen.

#6. You will see one Pop Up Massage Saying Fake location engaged.

#7. Done, You have Successfully Created the Fake Location on your Phone.


Now this is the Guide “Download and install Fake GPS Location on Android” is Completed, I hope you have learned how to Fake your location and as I said this will make you more technical person because you are doing something Different and New as well. For more Technology Tips and Tricks keep Visiting the Blog.