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How to Boost WiFi Signal on Your Android Mobile

How to Boost WiFi Signal: There are the huge number people who really use the Android platform. Also, there are most of the people who actually want to use WiFi for use of the Internet. So when we browse Internet we require a good speed Internet connection so that you can easily download and upload the data, and also everything going you can do on the internet. 


Most of us we all suffer from the slow Internet connection which a panic for most of the time. So people think that boost the Internet speed with some tools.  Especially when you have connected to the wifi.  


So no either you need to get the best wifi router with strong signal or else you can try some wifi boost on android mobile. Boosting the signal has many ways which mean you can boost your wifi signal with the multiple sources. That you will be like to do and apply on your own wifi signal. 


There are multiple ways to boost your signal such as installing the multiple antennas, Applications, Dual Frequency, Updated Firmware of the Device, Use a Good Wi-Fi Router, Use Repeaters and Place Wi-Fi Router strategically, and. Phone covers too.


How to boost wifi signal on Android device:


  • Just look at the below his you can apply them in all to boost your wifi signal which you can enjoy the speed internet.   
  • You will find the lust of the solution in a order of easy to hard. So you can easily find out the solution as fast as you can.  


1. Applications: 

You have found out the best wifi analyze the application to know the strength if your wifi speed and also there are the apps which can increase your speed which means you can boost your wifi signal. These apps will work on your phones by setting default settings and adjust then to reset everything to increase speed. There no guaranty internet speed but you can try who knows it may work for you. 


2. Use a Good Wi-Fi Router:  

This is another best method which works for sure. You need to change your wifi router which means you need to change a router which has the multiple antennas. Thus surely increase the speed of your wifi signal methods is no other methods when you use this to boost the wifi speed. 


3. Use Repeaters and Place Wi-Fi Router strategically:  

Yes, this also happens most of the time whenever you can purchase a new rougher it’s not the final thing to get a good speed for the wifi. There is also another thing which is involved in that place your router in a proper place or right place. So it works awesome for sure by placing the right area to get the signal. 


Now if Now get doubts what is a right place. A right place means you need to place a router where there is no abstraction around the router and no electric appliances such as microwaves.  

Also, it’s better to place your router in a height place and you can also use wifi repeaters when your house is big because these repeaters can do send signals to the corners of the house. 


Finally, you can place your router where you will spend more time. So that you can easily get a good signal to browse the internet with good speed. 

4. Dual Frequency: 

If you have an idea about your wifi router and your phone you can set up your frequency by doing this in the below. By setting the dual frequency to get the maximum connectivity of wifi frequency. You can easily set it by going into settings on your mobile. This will be the most useful and make your internet speed by boosting the wifi. 


5. Updated Firmware for the Device: 

This is another best way to boost the Wi-Fi signals on your android device. This is actually an update from firmware that can boost your wifi speed. This is made to help in increasing the efficiency of hardware also it optimizes the hardware for the best possible use. There is also chance to use the custom kernel which is also optimized for the increasing the internet speed of the wifi you are using. This method is one if the best method and used by many people. This kernel which is available also very much secure you no need to take any kind of unsecured feeling. 


6. Phone Covers: 

This sounds funny but this happens most of the times. Just do check your phone cover is the cover is blocking your signal. you can easily check is by running the wifi analyser on your mobile. If you fund any kind of difference then it’s time to change the phone cover for sure. 



These are the ways of boosting the Wi-Fi signals on your android devices. Also if you have any doubts regarding How to Boost WiFi Signal do let me know in the comment section below. 

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