How to Get Your Mixtape on LiveMixtapes

LiveMixtapes allow to each and every musician to get the music from the Mixtapes and exchange the music on the internet. Anyone especially artist can Submit their mixtapes in live mixtapes to get a feature on the mixtapes. So When an artist wants to upload the mixtapes they need an Upload permission.


Before uploading a Mixtapes on Livemixtapes you should keep ready your mixtapes with the perfect music, Album Art, Playlist and mp3 Sings. You should not make a cassette and don’t ready to submit the mixtape should ready before uploading the mixtapes. So it’s better to create ZIP files with all I said above files so that you can easily upload mixtapes.


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Submitting a LiveMixtapes Application:

Uploading an Application is a multi-process that you need to get the Permission First. So just follow the below instruction to Submit an application.

  • First, You have to Login to your Mixtapes Account.
  • Click on the username which is located in the Header Bar.
  • Select the Upload Mixtape. Then It will show you the application form.
  • Now you have to fill that application form with the complete information what it asking.


Once you have submitted the application it will be in the consideration for uploading permission. Just you need to wait for the permission. Once you have got the Mixtape upload permission than you are ready to upload the Mixtapes on your mixtapes.


This is the process that you can get permission from the livemixtapes this will take some time to review your application after you have submitted and made a payment. there no guaranty that to get differently the approvals there are also chances to get rejected.


In this case, it’s better to do work with the existence artist to upload your mixtape and DJs. Some of the DJs will work with Multiple Artist and they will have the nice popularity as we.


So you have to find them and get popular along with them and once you get enough popularity then you can easily get the permission while you applying. it’s not definitely some consideration will be there for sure.

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