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How to Make Cox My Homepage – Easy Explained Step by Step Guide 2020

Cox Homepage: As most of the People know Cox Communication is a cable and broadband service provider. if you are a Consumer of the Cox then you will have more feature and there are also some settings that you can do on the Home page of Cox.


Now if you want to Modify and make some changes into your Cox then you can easily Do it by going into the Cox Homepage. There are several Features that you can simply change such as modifying features, making an easy payment and updating the contact information.



So Whenever you want to Lunch the Cox website,  or want to Cox Webmail Login then you just need to Make it a Short link on your Browser so that you can Easily and Fastly able to Open it up with One single click from your Browser whether its  Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari.


Now just you have to Goto the Browse that you are using and make your browser Home page with this Cob Website So that you can easily able to get into the Website so fast without any late for Sure.


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Make Cox My Homepage:

So Now let’s see For each and Every individual Browser that How to Make Cox Homepage.


make cox homepage on browsers



Internet Explorer:

  • First, You have to Open your Browser and go to the website.
  • Once the Website has Opened then Simply you Just need to Click on the Arrow which is located right to the Home button, then you have to click on the  “Add or Change Home Page”. Now you will able to see a New Dialogue Box in front of you.
  • Now do Select the “Use this webpage as your only home page” option and click on the save to make as your Browser Homepage.



  • Go to the website by opening the Firefox Browser form your computer.
  • Just Click on the icon which is the Left side of the Web address box and simply Drag it to the Home button and ten simply Release it.
  • Now you will able to see a Dialogue box  “Do you want this document to be your new home page?” then Simply Click on the “Yes” to Conform the as your Firefox browser Home page.



  • First Open your Safari browser and click on the “Safari” menu which is on your Browser Menu then click on the”Preferences” to Open the Preferences of the Safari Browser.
  • Now Go to the general tab and Locate the “Homepage” the Enter this address in the Open Box.
  • Finally, Close the Preferences of the Safari to Save the settings.


I hope Now You have Completly learned about the Make Cox My Homepage on the Different browsers. Still, if you have any Doubts then Do let me know in the comment section below.