Receive Faxes On My Cell Phone

How to Receive Faxes On My Cell Phone

Receiving a fax on The Cellphone is very important when You didn’t have access to the  Computer. Most of the time we will see for the computer which has a Fax and also you go to the Fax machine center. But now you no need to go anywhere You can Directly receive and send the Faxes from your Cell Phone.


Just you need a cell phone which has an internet connection. Then you can send and receive the faxes on Directly your Emails. You don’t need any Fax Machine and any other extra phone line and Software.


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Now I will be going to tell that hoe to set up your mobile to send and receive the Faxes on your Mobile.


Receive Faxes On My Cell Phone:



Receive Faxes On My Cell Phone

  • First, You need to create an account with fax to email service. This is the very easy to setup and makes your fax service easy and Best. This Fax to Email service will make your fax you Pdf File and will send it on your email id.
  • If we take some fax services such as eFax, Myfax or these price ranges will between $4.99 to $12.95 per month.
  • Register on the website with the userb]name and the Password and also you need to choose the country to where the Phone Number that you want.
  • You should have to Use the Phone Number because to receive the fax in your email. When the sender wants to Send the fax to your Email at that time he/Se will send the Fax based on your Phone number so giving a Phone Number is a must.
  • To open it and check the Fax on your mobile, You have to go to the Email Software on your mobile and just you need to open it up. There you will find the fax document in the email as a PDF attachment.
  • Finally, You have to click on the Document to Download the File and just click on the file to open it after is downloaded.


I Hope Now you have got an idea “How to receive a Fax on your cell phone”. If you want to know more about the fax app just do let me know by the comment section below.