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How to Troubleshoot a Cox Communication Digital Box

Cox is one of the Top-Listed broadband and cable provider in the U.S and now its third largest Network. it also has the Best Service that they can Provide for Every Customer and it is also the first companies in a bundle of television, Internet, and phone.


It also created an Employment in U. S in a big Number, If we check the Data then the Answers will be 6 millions of Customers, 20,000 employees as of 2016 and also have a better support team to respond to Your Problem.


Now when it comes to the Cox Communication Digital Box the company itself it is Supplies the cable modems, and digital cable boxes which is for television Programming. and the main problem of  Cox Communications digital box is that when you connected to a Television you won’t even see a Better Picture quality and most of the people Complain about Cox Television picture problems.


So Today I will be going to tell you the How to Troubleshoot a Cox Communication Digital Box and the for the problems and queries from any of these cox cable box not working, cox cable box troubleshooting, cox contour troubleshooting, cox cable troubleshooting Then you will get all the Solutions in the Below Guide.


Troubleshoot a Cox Communication Digital Box:

Solution #1:

The first thing that you need to check Power connection. Yes, this looks very Silly for Most of the People but it quite happens in daily Wise on our lifestyle. For Cox Communication you have to check All the cables for have they Connected Properly or anywhere you got missed to Plugged in or sometimes it also happens that there might be the Fuse problem of your House. its because when there is no Power connection you won’t be able to Turn on the Cox Communication Digital Box and Cant enjoy the services.


So its very important that you need to Check all the Cable connection to are they connected ob the Slots or not if they are in the also then try somewhere it has a problem. So it’s up to you to check all over the wiring and if you found anywhere then you need to Replace with a new one.


Solution #2:

The next Problem that you have to check is changing the Battery on the Cox Communications digital box when you feel Television or box doesn’t work if you even after pressing the Button on a Remote. Now, simply you have to Switch off the by pressing the Power button o the box and now try to Turn On it by Pressing the Power Button on a Remote. If still not work then its time to Change the batteries on a Remote because batteries on a remote are likely Dead.


Solution #3:

This is also happening just Turn the Input on television to the digital box set, now if the image is not that what you have expected then you need to turn input, Becuase if any of Friend or family member may have played a game or watched DVD. Once There have changed the Input the again you need to get back to come back on a cable mode by pressing the Input button.


Solution #4:

Also its very important to check the cable behind your television which means if there any Loisse connection then The Problem may come. So Any time if you feel there is any problem with your Box then do Check all the time. If you feel there is a Loose connection on the digital box through a coaxial cable with a screw connection. jut tight the screw if you fell it is Loose.


Solution # 5:


And the Last one but not least of making an issue for you. You also have to check the Balance and also the Due date for a Cox Communications. You will find it the last date on a Cox Communications bill. As you expected if the Due date has passed then you have been Discontinued. If so then Do call to the Number which is on the Bill and tell them to about Payment.



Now there are the Top Problem and the Solution of the Cox Communication Digital Box. This is the way that you can ” Troubleshoot a Cox Communication Digital Box”  If you have any Doubts regarding this Just Do let me know in the Comment Section below.

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