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PointClickCare | Pointclickcare Login and Recover Account

PointClickCare is an American home and healthcare organization that provides you the then various services such as technology, business, and business solutions. It also provides the Electrical Health records is also known as the HER (Electronic Health Record). HER is a cloud-based service where you can get all the information of the patients which is stored in the digital platform.




PointClickCare also has some best tools where it can improve the synchronize the workflow which helps and makes the work so easy.


Now the PointClickCare improves the services of senior home care that is Offering useful marketing tools which simply helps to your home care business. Point Click Care also extended to Canada recently. So here is the time you can simply start using the tools of PointClickCare from your Smartphone itself.


Yes you can simply start using the PointClickCare in smartphones and it is very secure and you don’t need to worry about the Security at all because it has the PointClickCare EHR.


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PointClickCare Login:

PointClickCare login is very simple when you know the right Process to get into the PointClickCare. Just you need to have a secure Connection. Just follow the step by step Guide to access the PointClickcare. I have explained the Guide in a very simple and easy way to understand every one of our readers.


  • First Open the Browser that you use on your Computer or Mobile.
  • After you have opened the browser Just enter the pointclickcare.com into the address bar of the Browser and Click Enter button.
  • Now the website will Open Up on your Screen then simply you have to click on the Login link which is located on the top right of the screen.
  • It redirected to the Login page of the PointClickCare.
  • Its time to Enter the org prefix, a period and your username.
  • Don’t use any spaces in between the user name field.
  • Next, Type your password in the Password.
  • Finally, click on the Login now button.







Login Tips and help:

Just follow the below tips to login into the PointClickCare and start using this email as per you want. Make sure that being a Pointclinic care login member these precautions should be taken care of without any doubts.

  • You can simply add this page as the bookmark so you can easily log in to the PointClickCare by following this Guide.
  • Click on the  Login Trouble if you want to start the read troubleshooting tips for any Login issue.
  • If you keep attempting the Wrong login details then your account will be Locked for 5 Minutes.


Forgot Password? Reset Point Click Care Account Password:

In case if you have forgotten the password or else if you want to change the password then you need to contact the administration or author of the Organisation. also if you want to recover the old password then you can contact the help desk. They will simply help you in terms of changing the Password and Recovering the Password.



If you are facing an issue with the database and not connected to your database then simply do check the Below points.

  • First, check your organization Prefix with the user name that you have entered.
  • But if you are a citizen from Canada then you have to log in from this link.


Recent location Issue?

This is another issue that people are facing. Even if you are are not able to log in from your recent location then the answer is very simple that you are from the unregistered location. This can be also one of them that you are not able to get into your Pointclickcare.


PointClickCare Analytics?

This is also asked by most of the people that it is exactly is the PointClickCare Analytics is all about. PointClickCare Analytics is a  cloud-based tool that provides the organization with an improved quality reporting dashboard.


In this dashboard, you will be seeing the many sections like actionable data, guided workflow, and goal setting capabilities. All these sections will make your operations very easy and intense.


PointClickCare provides comprehensive and flexible reporting capabilities are made for the quality reporting that proves the true and the genuine data which makes your work very easy to improve in every way.


PointClickCare Analytics Features:

PointClickCare Analytics will provide the Following data and you must know the data that it provides. So that you can make your thing very easy and perfectly.

  • The very first thing is Detailed resident profiling and guided workflow.
  • Improved decision making with actionable data in a very organized manner.
  • You will also see the enhanced version of root cause analysis capabilities.
  • Also the Trending information, interactive data, intuitive, and visualization.



This is all about the “PointClickCare login” and Other Related information. I hope you have got all the points and cleared all your doubts for sure. But Still, if you have any then simply Do let me know in the comment section below.