Samsung Gear S4

Samsung Gear S4 : Gear S4 Smartwatch Features and is it Stripes off S3

Samsung Gear S4 Likely Release by End of this Year for Information Follow the Below Guide.



In this Guide, You will be going to learn About the Samsung gear S4 Features and also you will Now Release date, Is it Better than Gear S3 If it is then What are the Best Features When compared with S3.


There are the People who Deeply fallen love with Gear S3 and waiting for Gear S4. If you can see the Features of S3 the list will go on and this Upcoming Samsung gear S4 also make you satisfied with its Features (You will find Below of Samsung Gear S3 price, Specification and Release Date).


As all, we Know Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch is the Smartwatch that we used with Many advantages and the Features. This SmartWatch We find there is a lot of Better thing we Observed in the looks and Spec, especially in Thinner and Power Efficient.


Samsung Has Been Rolling Out with Samsung Smartwatches From the Samsung Gear S2, then they Released Gear S3 With the Better Features and the Power Efficient and more if you talked about this S4 Device you will find more added advanced you can Simply Expect from Samsung S4 without the second thought.



Becuase if we see there is the Development we keep seeing from the product to product which has been Coming from the Samsung, moreover these days there are many other Companies are also giving the best Competition, So Stand or else Give the better then the competitors is very important to stand their product in the market.



Now they Are focusing on this Gear S4 which will have more Features And Better Performance including Looks and Power Saving too. So whenver there is a New new feature there will be always excting for the people that makes awsome for every one.


The Rumours are already Speculated about the Apple Smartwatch Series 3 which is Expected Lunch later This year And Samsung is Offering the Smartwatch which all they call its Third Generation Gear s3 Smartwatch. Now this Samsung Gear S4 Likely Will be releasing on this Year 2017 End For More Information just Follow the Below Guide to Unders and About the Gear S4 Features, Release date and more.


Like the many People Me and my all friends are Also really waiting for Gear S4 to replace the Gear S3 which they has right now also there are the people who still loves and feeling satisfy with this Samsung Gear S3.


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Samsung Gear S4




Samsung Gear S4 is a Smartwatch which comes with the best and addition features what Gear S3 has also there is the Bixby which you can Manage with Voice and its going to come with bestter Responsive.

  • Samsung Gear S4 is the Announcement of the Samsung in the Late Year on October which will be the Best watch in the Smartwatch Category.


  • Gear S4 is Producing with Exynos 7 Dual 7270  chipset with Mobil Application processer is wearable device will be the Best on Smartwatches.


  • This is the Processor which is the Best to fully LTE Modem Integration Supported which is the Added advantaged and the Main thing to Samsung Gear S4.


  • Gear S4 is built by the Advanced14nm fin Feet process Sip System-in-Package and ePoP embedded Package-on-Package which is Perform Out Standing and it’s also Power efficient and the Results after making all the Physical that it will be the Slimmer looks will be Applied on this Gear S4.


  • Samsung is trying to Prove on the Tech Industry to Able to Become Top by After Releasing the Samsung Ger S4. Already They Are on top when it comes to the Product Quality and Others.




  • Bixby- Better Voice Integration.
  • Samsung Play.
  • The better processor which Comes with  Exynos 7 Dual-core 7270 chipset.
  • Latest Tizen 3.0 operating system.
  • Improved Sleep Mode and Better Alarm.


All the Above Features are the Not officially announced those are Just Expectations from the Samsung Gear S4 Smartwatch.


Samsung Gear S4 Release Date in 2019:

  • Now when it Comes to the Samsung Gear S4 Release Date is not Officially Announced but we can Expect gear S4 in this year.


  • We will hope This Gear S4Smartwatch will Come early with Grate Build quality and Features.



Samsung Gear S4


How Samsung Gear S4 SMARTWATCH Better then GEAR S3’S:


  • As all, we know Samsung Gear s3 is the Device that comes with the Best features and it would not be Replaced with any other Device in the smartwatch world.


  • But the only downfall of the device is the Bulkiness and the weight which is made Gear s3 little down.


  • Now They are also Focusing on the Samsung Gear S4 which is they Trying to reduce the Weight and the Size os the smartwatch by adding the More Features and Grate design.


  • Samsung is trying to Reduce the size of the Gear S4 but the Problem about the Device is the By putting the erratic reading with its heart monitoring is the Main Issue but Samsung will definitely chase the problem soon.


  • By over these issues then only company will become top any which way, If we made a hard thing to easy then only will become the super creators.


  • Finally, all the Consumers Hiplog that This Samsung Gear S4 Smartwatch will overcome the Gear S3 in term of all the Features and in the Looks Aswell.



This is the Guide of “Samsung Gear S4” Smartwatch for More information and The latest Updates about the Gear S4 and also we update all the latest technology Product SO to get the Best and latest information Keep visiting this Blog and If you like this Guide do share.