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Top 2 Ways to Send Colornote Notepad Notes to PC

If you are using ColorNote notepad app on your Android mobile and you want to send Colornote notepad noted to PC,  then file this guide to know the best ways to transfer Colornote notepad notes to PC.  Wherever reasons you have that you want to transfer these notes to another mobile or else you just want to transfer to your PC only.  You will find the Best Solutions for all these queries,  Just go ahead and read the full  Guide.


When Will You transfer notes to PC?  

Actually, you can easily transfer your notes to PC  in two situations and these 2 reasons are the most people actually faces.  The very first reason is that it takes hell lot of time to make or write a note on a  mobile so you can easily synchronous with this app and you can start writing it on your PC Desktop which can help you to write fast.  


And the second reason is that If you want to transfer notes to any other device the requirement of Desktop is must because you can easily transfer files using the PC when it plays the medium role. Especially when It comes to the sending notes on the IOS Device.  You cannot run this app on iOS platform.  But if you want to use this notes on IOS then follow the guide below. You will be going to get all the answers.


How to Send Colornote notepad notes to PC: 


1. How to Use ColorNote Notepad app on Windows: 

Using ColorNote on PC is pretty easy and you no need to take a tension of moving and transfer the app because already Windows has its own app that you can easily download from the Microsoft store. This is a very Easy method that you will be able to do it on your Windows PC Because you just need to Logon with the Same Gmail id and Password that what you are Using on the Mobile ColorNote Notepad App. Once you getting the App it just synchronized all the Files and you will able to see them on your PC which is the very easiest thing right. 


2. How to Send as Attachment: 

Now, This another method that you can easily able to send an attachment using the Gmail and many another medium. This is also pretty interesting when it comes to the Edit the and create the New ColorNote on your PC. 


  • First, You need to Open ColorNote App on your Android Mobile. 
  • Now Open the Note that you actually want to Send to the Desktop.
  • Click on the Three Dot which is Located in the top right Corner Of the screen.
  • Select the Send Button form the List after clicked the three Dots.
  • Now you will able to see the Options that you want to send through.
  • Select the any of the Options that you want to send via, in this case, I have selected the Gmail so that I can easily able to tell you to understand easily.
  • Now Enter the Email address that you want to send to.
  • Its Time to Open the Gmail on your PC and you will able to see a Gmail attachment.
  • Now click on the File to open It in an HTML file Just Copy and paste the file anywhere that you want to Paste it.
  • Or else you can also Open it via PDF File by doing Right click on the File Select Print and save as PDF.
  • But in My opinion ii will suggest to you that you can easily save the file on Google drive which will be saved on the cloud you actually no need to send it.
  • If you have a Gmail account and simply log in to the Drive and save the file, Now on your PC open the Drive with the same Gmail ID now your File will be ready always there. 



Now you have learned the Complete Guide that “How to Send ColorNote notepad notes to PC”, still if you have any doubts and also wants to share any News method just Share with us on the Comment section. 

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