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Top 6 Tips to Speed Up USB file Transfer 2022

Yes, Now You can Speed Up USB file transfer by Following the Tips Below. Most of the People are facing this issues and All of them Are just wants to increase USB data transfer speed. Then Simply Go and Follow the tips from the Below Guide.


How to Speed Up USB file transfer?


Tip 1: Speed up Computer:


Your Computer Speed is the huge impact on the data Transfer. Which means Your Computer Performance is the main reason. So you should have a Better RAM, Better Processor and virus free system is the key for your Computer Performance for sure.


But All as we know we Cannot improve our Processor but we can Easily Upgrade Our RAM and we can also Remove Malware. Also, you just need to remember that you should know the what your MotherBoard Capability of RAM.


So If you want to Run your PC always like new then simply you have to keep the best Antivirus and also best Security Tools are must. Because they will get  Simply Protected you from the attackers.


Tip 2: Transfer one file at a time:

You need to try to send the Files one at a time. If you send multiple Files at the same time you cannot send with the Best Speed and also computer will not share speed equally, instead it will reduce the speed. But if you want to send the multiple Files then Simply you can make a Folder and Send all you multiples files into one single file and send it, then your computer thinks sending only one file and it sends it with Full Speed.


Tip 3: Close all running programs:

It always is the Best Choice when you want to send Files to USB. because when there are running programs or the multiple Apps because Your RAM and Disk space will take the Space from your Computer, then Simply it slows your Computer which leads to Slows down Your USB file Transfer.


Tip 4: Use single USB at  a time:

It is also one if the Reason your PC Sending files to USB Slowly. So Do not use Multiple USB at a time, Use only One USB and send a Single File.


Tip 5: Change removal policy:

There are Actually two “Quick Removal” and “Better performance” are the Removal Policy available for USB. but WIndows By default Enable the “Quick Removal” Policy which is you can remove your Pen drive Whenever you want to and You will not gonna lose You data. Even if you remove Without Clicking the Option called safely remove hardware and eject media.


When it comes to the Better Performance You need to remove the USB safely otherwise you will lose Your Data. But the Best Part of this “Better performance” is that you will definitely get the Better Speed of File transfer.


Follow below steps to enable “Better performance” policy on your Windows PC.

  • First, you have to Insert your pen drive into the USB port.
  • Now Go to “My computer” as you go daily.
  • Right-click on your USB name.
  • Now you need click on the Properties which in the Last option From the List of Options.


  • Click on “Hardware” which is the Third option in the top menu


  • Select the device name that you want to increase speed.
  • Click on “Properties” then You will able to see a Windows.


  • Now have to Click on the change settings.after that another properties window will open.
  • Now Simply Click on the “Policies” which is the second option from the Top menu.


  • Select the “Better Performance” and Mark it.
  • And finally, Click OK.

Now you have successfully done USB work in better performance removal policy. Now you can try to Transfer the files you will find the differences between the “Quick removal” and  “Better Performance”.


Tip 6: Use USB 3.0:

Yes, Finally you can use the USB 3.0 Pendrive because USB 2.0 has the 60 MBps speed whereas USB 3.0 has the 640 MBps of maximum Speed.



Now you have successfully Completed the How to Speed up USB file transfer Guide. If you liked this Guide Do share with your friends and leave a Comment Below.

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